Fenix ALC-01 Belt Clip

CAD $27.33

ALC-01 quick-release belt clip is specifically designed for everyday carry flashlights to free users' hands. It is made of nylon and fiberglass, which features reliability and ruggedness. The belt clip is very convenient to wear on belt, with 300°adjustable angle, it is truly utility in multi-angle lighting for patrolling, tactical training and other outdoor activities.

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  • Applicable to flashlight with head diameter: 30mm to 44mm
  • Applicable to flashlight with body diameter: 20mm to 26mm
  • Applicable to belt with width: less than 55mm
  • 300° rotary angle
  • Easy to wear and operate
  • Made of nylon and fiberglass
  • Size: 50mm Width x 71.5mm Thickness x 125mm Height (2.0*2.8*4.9 in)
  • Weight: 102g/3.6oz
  • Compatible products: TK25IR version, TK25 R&B version, TK09 ,TK15UE, TK16, TK20R (Remove the grip ring when uses with TK15UE, TK16 and TK20R ),etc
  • Parts included: 1 x ALC-01 belt clip, 1 x eslatic band

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