Fenix handheld lights are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, waterproof, dustproof and impact resistant. These design qualities make Fenix flashlights resistant to damage from impact, crushing or bending, while remaining small, light and extremely powerful. From compact Every Day Carry (EDC) lights to high power tactical operation lights, Fenix flashlights use the latest in LED technology to deliver maximum brightness.

  • E Series – Economical LED Lighting Products
  • LD Series – Outdoor Search and Rescue + Adventuring
  • PD Series – Added Features for Demanding Professional Occupations
  • RC Series – Rechargeable LED Lights
  • TK Series – Industrial or Commercial Strength Durability
  • UC Series – Rechargeable using your USB Port

Fenix HT18 Long Range Hunting Flashlight with 5000mAh USB Rechargeable Battery

CAD $178.03
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Fenix HT30R High-Performance White Laser Flashlight

CAD $395.95
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