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Fenix lights are constantly revolutionizing the world of portable LED technology. From LED lanterns for hikers and campers, to tactical devices designed for men and women in uniform – Fenix makes it all. We at Canada Flashlights carry the whole range of flashlight for every kind of adventure, profession or activity.

Fenix HL18R Rechargeable Dual Beam Headlamp

CAD $75.28

Fenix E30R Extreme Output Compact Rechargeable Flashlight

CAD $109.53
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Fenix ARE-A4 Smart Battery Charger

CAD $54.73
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Fenix ARE-A2 Smart Battery Charger

CAD $34.18
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Fenix E16Ti Collector's Edition Titanium EDC Flashlight

CAD $164.33

Fenix CL26R High-performance Rechargeable Camping Lantern

CAD $82.13