Fenix AOT-01 Traffic Wand For Fenix TK35 Series Flashlights


The Fenix AOT-01 Traffic Wand is the perfect companion to the Fenix TK35 Series flashlights! With the Fenix AOT-01, you can easily convert your flashlight into a highly visible traffic wand that can be seen from a far distance. This Traffic Wand is perfect for Police officers, Hazmat, and traffic control coordinators. The Fenix AOT-01 is impact resistant because it was designed with high quality German Bayer PC 2805 material. The traffic wand is also high temperature resistant which allows it to maintain its thermal stability.

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  • Made from PC 2805 plastic
  • Anti-impact and anti-heat compressive resistant, super durable
  • High temperature durability
  • Easy to attach, easy to remove

Compatible with

Fenix TK35UE V2.0 High-Performance Dual Mode Tactical Flashlight

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