Fenix ALG-16 Tactical Flashlight M-Lok Rail Mount


The Fenix ALG-16 M-Lok rail clamp for tactical light is a functional accessory developed to professionally fit the M-Lok rail, compatible with flashlights with a barrel diameter of 22.5mm-26mm* and a head diameter of less than 40mm. Uses Fenix patented roller structure, allowing quick disassembly and assembly without screws. Sturdy attachment, no fear of strong recoil. The whole body is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is hard-anodized, which is strong and lightweight, as a powerful aid for military and law enforcement. *If the diameter of the light body is more than 25.4mm, the non-slip rubber pad in the clamp needs to be removed before installation.

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  • Size:
    • Length: 51.7mm (2.0")
    • Width: 42.1mm (1.7")
    • Height: 30.1mm (1.2")
  • Weight:
    • 53.3g (1.9 oz.)


  • M-Lok quick-release roller structure
  • Withstands strong vibration
  • Made of lightweight aluminum